We model everything so you can build the unbuildable.

With over 300 projects, our unique approach and advanced technologies enable us to transform visionary ideas into tangible realities for our clients.

Our Integrated Approach

Since 2011, AR-MA has pursued a singular vision: to integrate architectural design with its methods of production to create superior architecture. This principle, deeply ingrained in our hyphenated name - Architectural Research – Material Applications, has been the cornerstone of our approach.

Integration of design and production in our practice is not just a method, but a pathway to innovation. The comprehensive control over outcomes leads to creative leaps in design, as designers bring to bear knowledge of production, fabrication, and costs at the earliest stages of ideation. The result is enhanced aesthetics, optimised resources, and improved project efficiency, bypassing the pitfalls of value engineering or re-conceptualisation during construction that are common in traditional approaches.

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At AR-MA, Architectural Design is a holistic process that synthesises organisation, form, material, and place to achieve our clients' desired spatial outcomes. Our deep understanding of manufacturing informs and elevates our design process, creating architectural projects that are as beautiful as they are practical. This approach ensures that every design is optimised for construction, blending feasibility and efficiency without ever compromising the integrity of our creative vision.

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Design for Manufacture & Assembly

Our Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) approach embodies our commitment to integrate design with production. It's about developing a kit-of-parts system, optimising material use, and meticulously planning the assembly process. By designing with manufacturing and assembly in mind from the very start, we streamline the construction process, minimize waste, and maximize both quality and affordability.

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Virtual Design & Construciton Modelling

With Virtual Design and Construction modelling, we are able to construct our projects in a virtual environment before breaking ground. This digital rehearsal allows us to identify and address potential challenges early on, resulting in significantly reduced risk, improved project timelines, and enhanced quality control. Through VDC, every stakeholder can visualize and understand the project, facilitating collaboration and ensuring a more predictable construction process.

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AR-MA Tech

Our commitment to technology extends beyond the use of advanced design software. At AR-MA, we're active in software development and computational design. By creating digital tools and systems that are custom-tailored to our needs, we're able to seamlessly link each phase of our process, enabling unprecedented control and accuracy in every project.

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Special Projects

AR-MA is about more than just architectural services; we're also hands-on makers. Our Special Projects division allows us to physically prototype and deliver complex parts of projects ourselves. By engaging with the physical aspects of production, from 3D laser scanning to fabrication and installation, we're able to iterate quickly, solve problems creatively, and ensure the fidelity of the architectural outcome to the initial design intent.

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