Integrated Design

We believe in pushing the boundaries of architecture to create buildings that inspire us to think differently. Our design philosophy is supported by five key services.


Our design seeks to elicits an emotional response. Through the deliberate manipulation of light, shadow, geometry, and material, we create an interplay of contrasts. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that each design element, no matter how minute, is executed with rigour and contributes to the overarching project.


Our DfMA process is a testament to our commitment to efficiency and sustainability. By involving fabricators early in the design process, we ensure that our designs are not only beautiful but also practical, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. We leverage computational processes to optimize our designs for fabrication, ensuring consistency and consideration in every detail.


Our VDC process allows us to digitally rehearse every aspect of the project before physical construction begins. This approach minimizes risk, enhances quality control, and allows for precise, efficient execution. We envision a future where architecture combines the efficiency of productization with the creativity of bespoke design, enabled by advancements in computational processes.

Explore our projects below to see how we have coordinated massive data-sets on projects like Perth Stadium; simulated construction for Australian Technology Park, and designed temporary works for Baragaroo Tower 1, and Brisbane's Quay building.


We harness the power of technology to bring our designs to life. Our algorithms allow us to chase our ideas to their conclusion, enhancing the rigour of our work and ensuring that our designs are brought to life with precision and consistency. The intertwining of design intent and computational process forms a dialogic discussion, leading to innovative architectural forms.

We work with tier-1 contractors and manufacturers helping them improve their processes through software development, digital transformation, and the design of new products.

Special Projects

Through AR-MA's Special Projects Division, we delve into the extraordinary and unexplored territories of architecture. These projects are an opportunity to challenge norms, push boundaries, and showcase the depth and breadth of our creative potential.

Our Special Projects Division the following services:

3D Laser Scanning & As-Built
Material Procurement & Fabrication
Prototying & Visual Mock-ups
Final Assembly & Installation