Our Vision

At AR-MA, our vision is rooted in transcending the conventional boundaries of architectural design, creating innovative spaces that captivate, provoke thought and evoke deep emotional responses. Through a poetic dialogue of contrasts and meticulous attention to detail, we design our buildings to serve as much more than physical structures - they are experiences, stories and symbols that inspire wonder and contemplation.

Creativity + Technology

We leverage state-of-the-art technology and computational design as powerful tools in our creative process. Through them, we refine our initial design intentions into tangible architectural forms. This approach creates a symbiotic relationship between the artist's intent and the potential of technology, resulting in outcomes that are not only aesthetically extraordinary but also responsive to their environment and use.

Precision + Efficiency

Our design approach is further enhanced by the principles of Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). We weave these strategies seamlessly into our process from the onset, ensuring precision, efficiency, and practicality at every stage. These methods enable us to rehearse digitally before physically constructing, reducing risk, and ensuring quality control.

Sustainability + Longevity

Our material selection is informed by rigorous research, favoring materials that are sustainable, durable, and healthy. We believe that true sustainability goes beyond recyclability and encompasses the entire lifespan of our buildings. Our aim is to create architectural treasures, masterpieces that will be appreciated, maintained, and preserved for generations to come.

Collaboration at Core

In addition, we consider collaboration and communication as essential aspects of our work. We engage closely with fabricators, integrating them into our process from the beginning and giving them ownership of the project outcomes. We also communicate proactively with all stakeholders, ensuring alignment and collaboration at every stage.

Optimism for the Future

At AR-MA, every project presents an opportunity for innovation and exploration. We embrace the extraordinary, challenge norms, and continually redefine the spaces live, work, and interact. Our vision is to shape the future of architecture - a future that seamlessly merges creativity, technology, sustainability, and collaboration.

Leadership Team