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Cambells Cove

AR-MA played a key role in revitalizing a historic Sydney Harbour site through the creation of a unique landscape design featuring geometrically intricate precast concrete panels. AR-MA developed a flexible, comprehensive 3D model that ensured manufacturing accuracy and compatibility with existing structures and heritage elements. Our model optimized the fabrication process for the boardwalk, plaza seats, and a sculptural staircase, contributing to a stunning waterfront promenade.

UNSW Bookshop Awning

AR-MA took the lead in the design and fabrication documentation of the stunning entrance canopy for the rejuvenated UNSW Bookshop, a cherished academic institution at the University of New South Wales. Utilizing a comprehensive parametric 3D model, the team navigated through numerous design iterations and transitions, eventually achieving a golden-hued, double-curved steel structure that cantilevers 3.6m and spans 18m across the bookshop's facade. With the model serving as a reference for installation sequencing and on-site work, AR-MA ensured a streamlined process, upholding the bookshop's iconic status on campus.


In the heart of Sydney's Wynyard Station, AR-MA played a pivotal role in the creation of the remarkable hanging sculpture, Interloop, by artist Chris Fox. We utilized our computational expertise to guide the parametric design, documentation, and fabrication output. Our team employed 3D Laser Scanning to integrate on-site reality, and designed the entire sculpture for manufacture as prefabricated modules, ensuring seamless assembly and installation within a tight 48-hour timeframe.

Paramount Hotel

AR-MA's involvement in the Paramount House Hotel project demonstrated the power of digital design and fabrication in achieving design excellence. The team's custom scripts and workflows transformed Breathe Architecture's initial design into a complex, yet feasible, kit-of-parts. Using a detailed "digital twin" of the facade and automated fabrication data, AR-MA ensured efficient installation and the ability to adapt quickly to on-site changes. The high level of automation and thorough simulation allowed for the rapid delivery of the project and minimized on-site time, resulting in a visually striking and efficiently executed project.

Darling Square Library

The Darling Exchange project showcases AR-MA's innovative and sustainable approach to design and construction. By integrating DfMA methods and optimizing materials, the team was able to deliver a sophisticated building facade that is both visually appealing and efficient in its construction. This project demonstrates AR-MA's commitment to design excellence and sustainable construction practices.

Camberwell Grammar School

AR-MA's involvement in the Camberwell Grammar School project showcased their ability to tackle technically challenging design objectives. Through the adept use of advanced modelling techniques and direct-to-manufacture pipelines, they created a solution that not only fulfilled the architectural vision but also ensured ease of assembly and installation. The result was a unique chapel structure that serves as a centerpiece for the school's campus development.

ARB Reception Desk

AR-MA's design and creation of a unique reception desk for the NSW Architects Registration Board illustrate the theme of mutual reliance, both in materiality and design. The seemingly floating granite pieces, supported by a slender steel frame, form a design that harmonizes with the Seidler building's materials while showcasing AR-MA's innovative approach to design challenges.


AR-MA played a critical role in bringing the ambitious trapezoidal roof design of Sydney's Phoenix Gallery to life. Collaborating with ARC Roofing and using a mix of advanced software tools, AR-MA facilitated a seamless design-to-fabrication process, managing the production of the roof's intricate components, and ensuring their accurate assembly. Through meticulous planning and design resolution, AR-MA helped achieve the high level of craftsmanship that the Phoenix Gallery's roof exhibits.

Perth Stadium

AR-MA's expertise shone brightly in the New Perth Stadium project, where they successfully coordinated and delivered a $20M facade covering 12,000 sqm. Through a comprehensive virtual design and construction model, AR-MA facilitated the alignment of 26 varied work packages, ensuring seamless integration of multiple structural and material components. This model ultimately produced over 4000 shop drawings, serving a broad supply chain.

Wynyard Walk

AR-MA's innovative approach to the Wynyard Walk project demonstrated their ability to combine advanced technology with efficient project management. By developing a hybrid digital workflow, we were able to create a highly detailed digital twin of the stainless cladding. This not only reduced the need for 2D drawings but also provided Stoddart with fabrication-ready 3D geometry, saving substantial amounts of time and eliminating potential errors from the misinterpretation of 2D documents.

Grosvenor Place

AR-MA's involvement in the plaza redevelopment of Grosvenor Place demonstrated their ability to combine aesthetic and technical expertise. By leveraging advanced modelling techniques, AR-MA not only achieved a visually stunning outcome but also managed to navigate the construction complexities inherent in the project. Their consultancy services contributed to the realization of an iconic project in Sydney's center, further enriching the architectural legacy of Harry Seidler at Grosvenor Place.

Barangaroo T1

A centerpiece of the Lendlease's urban renewal project for Barangaroo South, the International Tower One, boasts an intricately designed atrium roof, a product of a multidisciplinary collaboration between AR-MA, ARC Roofing, Rogers, Stirk, Harbour, and Partners, Lendlease Design, and ARUP.

8 Chifley Square

AR-MA's contribution to 8 Chifley's glass box lobby underscores their expertise in collaborating on large-scale, technologically advanced architectural projects. Working closely with Empire Facades and ARUP, AR-MA successfully realised the design and construction of the lobby, suspending it from cables and incorporating a host of intricate features. From detailing mechanical fixings to managing international production, AR-MA demonstrated their commitment to achieving architectural excellence.

200 George Street

AR-MA's collaboration on the 200 George Street project with Mirvac and FJMT Studio represents a significant achievement in sustainable high-rise design. Their proficiency in employing advanced design and fabrication methods, coupled with their ability to handle geometric complexity and respond agilely to onsite issues, was key to realizing the ambitious design intent of the project. The result is a new standard in contemporary high-rise design that embodies both aesthetic and environmental considerations.

The Goods Line

AR-MA lent our expertise to The Goods Line project by ASPECT Studios and CHROFI, facilitating the creation of a strategic link between Sydney's central landmarks. Our role involved collaborating on the design and fabrication of the precast concrete plank system, employing a comprehensive Virtual Design and Construction model. This model streamlined the design, fabrication, transport, and installation process, ensuring budget adherence and real-time design changes incorporation during the tender stage. AR-MA's involvement propelled Sydney towards a future of increased connectivity, sustainability, and innovation.

Toorak House

AR-MA's technical expertise in design and fabrication facilitated the realization of Wood Marsh Architects' ambitious roof design for Toorak House. The project demonstrated a successful integration of intricate geometric design, advanced construction techniques, and efficient project execution, all while maintaining the highest level of precision and aesthetic detail. AR-MA's innovative solutions, such as the plywood set-out system and the rationalisation of the zinc panel assembly, further underscored their pivotal role in this project.

580 George Street

AR-MA's involvement in this project was a testament to their advanced capability in dealing with complex architectural design and construction challenges. By applying innovative methodologies and digital tools, they significantly contributed to the successful execution of the project. Their unique approach to mass customisation, digital manufacturing, and onsite coordination underscored their commitment to architectural excellence.

Reflective Pavilion

AR-MA joined forces with Craftmetals for the Margaret Whitlam Pavilion at the National Arboretum, Canberra, designed by Tonkin Zulaika Greer. We designed a steel unitised system, modelled each zinc panel individually, and implemented logistical controls for efficient tracking. Our commitment to advanced design and construction techniques enabled us to meet aesthetic standards and complete the project in an efficient manner.

UTS Great Hall

AR-MA's inaugural project involved the renovation of UTS's brutalist icon by Michael Dysart, in collaboration with DRAW and Facade Innovations. Our key role involved designing and implementing an undulating, triangulated mantle, the project's signature element. We streamlined the architectural model, developed a construction system to handle the intricate mantle geometry, and devised an algorithmic perforation system for the facade panels, all within a stringent timeframe.

Exoskeleton Lift

Richard Goodwin's Exoskeleton Lift, a stunning example of public art, was crafted as part of the heritage conservation of Walter Burley Griffin's historic Willoughby Incinerator. AR-MA joined hands with Goodwin, employing advanced design and fabrication techniques to breathe life into the geometric sculpture. Echoing Griffin's distinctive diamond pattern, the piece serves as a contemporary interpretation of a classic motif, skillfully fabricated in laser-cut stainless steel with utmost precision.


For the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation's (SCAF) annual Fugitive Structures competition, AR-MA designed and built the Trifolium pavilion, a testament to advanced computer design technologies. The pavilion, comprising over three-thousand unique pieces, features a self-supporting Corian exterior and mirror-polished Rimex interior panels. The space serves multiple functions, transforming with light and reflections to create an immersive, affective experience for viewers.

Central Park Brewery

In collaboration with Tzannes Associates, AR-MA was instrumental in the adaptive reuse of the Carlton and United Brewery buildings for the Irving Street Brewery project. The venture demanded a complex, large-scale facade design, which AR-MA successfully rationalised into fabricable, structurally robust modules using custom digital tools. The result was an innovative addition to the Brewery precinct, recognised twice by the Australian Institute for Architects (AIA) for conservation achievements.

Naremburn Sculptural Wall

AR-MA, in collaboration with Bijl Architecture, crafted the De-Form Wall, an extraordinary CNC-routed Corian panel installation, for a private residence. This unique centrepiece, inspired by local topography, was a successful exploration of parametric design, creating a dynamic light and shadow interplay throughout the day, thanks to its placement under large skylights. The project was awarded the 2013 Corian Residential Wild Card Award.

Global Switch Data Centre

Custom software, automated modeling and documentation to deliver over 370m of doubly curved steel tube.

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