200 George Street

AR-MA was engaged in the innovative project of Mirvac and FJMT Studio's tower at 200 George Street, Sydney. This pioneering high-rise building employs a unique timber-and-glass facade system, signifying a leap towards integrating sustainable design within commercial architecture. AR-MA, as part of a specialist facade team, managed the design and construction of the podium glazing and cladding. This team was complemented by ARUP, handling structural engineering, and Empire Glass and Aluminium, overseeing fabrication and installation.

AR-MA's approach was centered on the use of parametric design and fabrication models throughout the project, enabling a significant departure from conventional building methods. This enabled the realization of highly specific, intentional, and bespoke architecture, aligning with the architect's intent and the practical realities of construction.

The team's innovative approach to design documentation saw traditional drawing packages replaced with direct-to-fabrication, for-manufacture packages. These were used to produce highly complex building components with tight tolerances, reducing the number of drawings required and integrating installation instructions directly onto factory-fabricated components. Over 550 shaped, frameless glass panels and 1954 5-axis CNC-routed timber panels, fabricated in either glulam or Australian hoop pine plywood, were designed by AR-MA for the building.

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Brett Boardman