Barangaroo T1

Playing a key role in the technical design of the modular, pre-fabricated atrium roof, AR-MA worked closely with ARC Roofing to design, fabricate, assemble, and install the roof modules. The modules were finished with flat-lock zinc panel and needed to adhere to strict accuracy constraints.

The design was underpinned by AR-MA's full, virtual-design-and-construction, parametric model, which was meticulously maintained throughout the project. Upon design confirmation, this model facilitated a seamless file-to-factory production of all essential zinc and sub-structural steel components.

Assembled in ARC Roofing's factory, these modules were then transported to the site for installation. The modules were carefully crane-lowered into custom frames - formed with mitred steel angles - fitted to the roof's guttering, also designed by AR-MA. The project's precision is underscored by the fact that less than a millimetre accuracy was maintained, ensuring the alignment of all 20,000 bolt holes during installation.

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