Cambells Cove

As part of the refurbishment of a historic Sydney Harbour site, AR-MA collaborated with Context on a new landscape design for the waterfront promenade and surrounding areas. The design stands out for its use of large, geometrically complex precast concrete panels, shaping the 'boardwalk', plaza seats, and the sculptural staircase that connects the promenade to Hickson Road.

Considering the intricate geometry of the panels and the numerous level and gradient alterations across the site, Property NSW engaged AR-MA to develop a rationalised 3D model. This model encapsulates the manufactured form of the precast panels, facilitating design and detailing validation.AR-MA built a flexible parametric model from the ground up, allowing for the accommodation of design changes while keeping the geometry rational, in line with the constraints of precast concrete fabrication. We integrated various 2D and 3D point surveys into the model, reconstructing key surfaces to ensure critical tolerances to existing structures and heritage elements were met.

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Property NSW
  • Context Landscape Architects
Brett Boardman