Camberwell Grammar School

AR-MA collaborated with ARC Roofing, Cockram Construction, and Peter Crone Architects in a recent campus development project for Camberwell Grammar School. Our role was the technical design of the school's new chapel, a dual-level structure with a unique split conic shape that is intended as a central place for celebration and reflection.

The building's facade features a zinc cladding system, punctuated by a series of box windows. To fulfill this design intent within material and fabrication constraints, AR-MA developed a diamond zinc panel and plywood construction system that could adapt to the complex geometry of the conic shape. The parametric modelling systems we employed facilitated the handling of the geometric variations, decreasing diameter and sectional area as one moves vertically. This complex modelling and logistical approach allowed AR-MA to transform the challenging geometry into an easily assembled and installed kit of parts.

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  • Peter Crone Architects
Matt Fern