Central Park Brewery

The Irving Street Brewery project, conceived by Tzannes Associates, has infused Central Park with a tri-generational vitality by adaptively repurposing the Carlton and United Brewery buildings. Recognised twice by the Australian Institute for Architects (AIA) for its conservation accomplishments, the project demanded a particularly intricate and large-scale facade design, presenting substantial construction and installation challenges.

AR-MA was brought on board to devise a pre-fabricated solution that leveraged customised digital tools and construction systems. Collaborating closely with Tzannes Associates, AR-MA embarked on a process of rationalising the doubly-curved, freeform facade geometry into fabricable, structurally robust modules. This process entailed a research phase to test various modelling techniques, eventually leading to the creation of a custom surface modelling approach that accommodated material constraints, employing conic sections to accurately approximate the design surface.

AR-MA then developed and implemented panel subdivision schemes that ensured seamless, smooth curvature, minimised material waste, and prevented any visual distortion of the facade metals. Furthermore, AR-MA designed details across the facade, including primary structure supports and fixing details.

Leveraging the comprehensive parametric models generated during the rationalisation process, AR-MA was able to send file packages directly to the manufacturer. Under controlled factory conditions and with stringent precision, each frame was fabricated and assembled before being transported to the site for installation.AR-MA's consulting services and intricate design solutions assisted Tzannes Associates in crafting a thoughtful and innovative addition to the Brewery precinct's urban fabric.

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