Exoskeleton Lift

Renowned artist Richard Goodwin's Exoskeleton Lift stands as a hallmark of the heritage conservation project led by SJB Architects and Godden Mackay Logan, breathing new life into Walter Burley Griffin's iconic Willoughby Incinerator. The lift, an innovative piece of public art, was the winning entry in a council-funded sculpture competition aimed at integrating accessibility enhancements into the building's aesthetic while signifying its transformation into an art space.

Goodwin's design cleverly pays homage to Griffin's distinctive diamond pattern, a motif prevalent in many of his Australian works and a key element in the Willoughby project. He masterfully transforms this traditional motif using modern design tools, adding a contemporary edge to Griffin's architectural legacy.

AR-MA had the pleasure of collaborating with Goodwin, offering our expertise in the design and fabrication of this striking sculpture. Robert Beson worked closely with Goodwin to fine-tune the form and panelization, reimagining Griffin's ornamental geometry into what we now know as Goodwin's intriguing, parasitic cloak. This design was then meticulously detailed for fabrication using laser-cut, plate stainless steel.Given the intricate surface of the sculpture, we innovatively employed custom-made plywood jigs, also laser-cut, during the welding process. This ensured a high degree of accuracy in aligning the built form with the modelled geometry, a testament to AR-MA's commitment to precision and respect for artistic vision.

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