Grosvenor Place

AR-MA, in collaboration with ARC Roofing and Craftmetals, designed, fabricated, and installed the stainless steel facade system for the plaza redevelopment of Grosvenor Place by Harry Seidler and Associates. The facade, a striking feature of the new development at 225 George Street, acts as a mirror, reflecting the surrounding high-rise buildings and marking Seidler's iconic architectural design at the street level.

To achieve the ambitious architectural intent, AR-MA utilized a fabrication-based parametric model throughout the design process. This model integrated architectural and material constraints and was kept current with design changes to provide real-time feedback on visual and financial aspects. From this model, direct fabrication files for all 152 panels were output, with each unique stainless steel composite panel being tagged and tracked through various manufacturing processes with multiple contractors.

AR-MA's consultancy services also included designing the facade system to as-built concrete, a process that involved a 3D point cloud survey for accurate management of the relationship between the facade panels and the concrete behind. They anticipated a large tolerance in the as-built concrete and detailed the facade system with adjustable bracketry to account for discrepancies between the curve of the concrete and the desired set-out of the facade.

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