Naremburn Sculptural Wall

The artistic expression of the Sculptural Wall, a CNC-routed Corian panel installation, serves as a dramatic centrepiece in a private residence designed and managed by Bijl Architecture. This collaboration with AR-MA resulted in a captivating installation that is not just visually stunning but also resilient, making the most of Corian for its colour consistency, luminosity, UV resistance, and durability. This robustness is especially vital due to the wall's placement under two expansive skylights, illuminating it throughout the day.

The intricate design, conceived through extensive digital planning and physical prototyping, is an exploration in parametric drawing and scripting, realised in built form. Innovative toolpath arrangements and specially developed tools were used to bring about the unique, finely etched lines and shadows on the Corian surface, creating a dynamic play of light and shadow that changes with the natural light filtering from the skylights.

Complementing the wall installation is a custom cantilevering stairway, its landing appearing to float, subtly illuminated by an LED lighting system. The wall design echoes the local topography, adding a layer of contextual relevance to the aesthetic beauty. The result is a visually stunning, ever-changing surface, delighting the homeowners with its unique charm and sophistication. The Sculptural Wall project was honoured as the Winner of the 2013 Corian Residential Wild Card Award, a testament to the remarkable blend of design and technical innovation accomplished in collaboration with AR-MA.

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Bijl Architecture
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