Paramount Hotel

The boutique Paramount House Hotel, designed by Breathe Architecture, opened in 2018. Its distinctive copper clad, herringbone facade not only adds to the privacy and lighting of the hotel but also marks it as a notable destination in Surry Hills. AR-MA worked closely with facade contractor ARC to detail the copper facade for manufacture and installation.

As with all our projects, maintaining the original design intent was vital. AR-MA created custom scripts and workflows to adapt Breathe's design model into a comprehensive kit-of-parts. These were digitally fabricated and pre-assembled into 14 unitised super-panels in the factory. AR-MA's detailed "digital twin" of the facade integrated engineering rules and material and fabrication limitations. This model was kept updated throughout construction, allowing us to simulate the assembly and installation process to prevent clashes and installation risks.We used a single digital spline to control the shape for the entire Design for Manufacture and Assembly model.

All the fabrication data for the 3808 folded copper parts was automatically produced for fabricators CASA. This facilitated quick adaptations to any on-site changes.The high level of model automation we used allowed us to deliver all the fabrication and installation data for the project in less than a week. Through thorough modelling and assembly simulation, we anticipated issues and opportunities before manufacture. This enabled the project team to minimize their time on site and achieve an impressive outcome.

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