AR-MA contributed to the realization of Phoenix Gallery's unique trapezoidal roof design, an ambitious project in Sydney under the architectural guidance of John Wardle Architects. To accomplish this, AR-MA created a highly automated process, facilitating efficient project documentation and fabrication management. Their fabrication-based parametric model, consistently updated with design changes and thorough surveys of the concrete and steel trusses, served as the cornerstone for the project.

The roof, comprising 33 fabricated zinc hoods, 175 linear meters of fabricated gutters, and 105 fabricated cradles, was pre-assembled entirely in the fabricator's workshop, with AR-MA providing ongoing coordination. Utilizing custom software, AR-MA upheld high accuracy in design resolution and project fabrication, resulting in a stunning and accurate realization of the Phoenix Gallery's trapezoidal roof.

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ARC Roofing
  • John Wardle Architects
Martin Siegner