ARB Reception Desk

AR-MA was commissioned by the NSW Architects' Registration Board for the meticulous design and creation of a novel reception desk. The underlying theme of the project centred on mutual reliance, utilizing a pair of materials that were co-dependent in structuring the desk, as their individual characteristics wouldn't suffice to uphold the structure.

In terms of materiality, an intricate line of expertly crafted steel meanders around the desk's boundaries, lending support to a robotically milled granite table top and cover. The desk's design presents an optical illusion as the trio of granite pieces seem to levitate in the ether, their weight skillfully anchored by the steel. The selection of granite and polished steel harmonizes with the materials prevalent in the Seidler building, where the desk is positioned. The steel framework demanded detailed finite element analysis for its fabrication, aimed at maintaining its slender profile. AR-MA took immense pleasure in bringing this innovative reception desk to life for the NSW Architects Registration Board.

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NSW Architects Registration Board
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