The Goods Line

AR-MA was instrumental in the realization of The Goods Line, a transformative project designed by ASPECT Studios and CHROFI that bridges key urban areas in Sydney, including Central Station, Chinatown, and Darling Harbour, while fostering connections with surrounding establishments such as UTS, TAFE, and ABC.

Our mission was to collaborate on the intricate design and fabrication of the precast concrete plank system that anchors the project. By employing a comprehensive Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) model, we were able to manage the system design and foster effective coordination among various consultants. This model was utilized to streamline design, fabrication, transportation, and installation through rationalization and optimization processes.

Once the design of the precast concrete was refined, our VDC model was used to generate a comprehensive shop drawing package at the tender stage, encompassing technical details and drawings for all 454 concrete planks. This approach not only eliminated ambiguity from the tender process but also ensured that all bids were on budget and closely aligned. The parametric nature of our VDC model allowed for real-time incorporation of any design changes into the system and documentation.In facilitating The Goods Line Project, AR-MA empowered ASPECT Studios and CHROFI to shift Sydney's urban core towards a future marked by enhanced connectivity, sustainability, and innovation.

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Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
  • ASPECT Studios
Florian Groehn